Our Story

Thank you Hawaii
Poké Maoli Barcelona

“Poke” (Poh-Kay) was born in Hawaii and Poké Maoli was born in Barcelona.

We say “Thank you Hawaii” to express gratitude to Hawaii for introducing POKE to the world.

Poké Maoli is a collaboration of global chefs blending exquisite tastes and textures to create unforgettable food experiences. Just ask our customers.

Our Commitment

Biodegradable Take-Away

To provide the highest quality poké experience anywhere

Our grains, our proteins, sauces and toppings will rock your senses. Our obsession is cleanliness and quality in everything we touch, right down to our biodegradable containers made from corn.

Poké Maoli


Our Essence

Good life for everyone


To be amazing. To be real.
So you can depend on a fresh, clean and healthy experience every time. To us, “Maoli” (Hawaiian for native) defines a lifestyle. To be free, honest and authentic in your actions. The beach is a good life.

Anytime Anywhere

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You asked us to be there for you at work, at home, at play and whenever you want. Drop by our shop or order ahead on our mobile app for in-store pick up or delivery. Share us with your friends, family and co-workers.


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Barceloneta Beach

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